Council opens design contest for new Trapper Creek sign

As revenue share money starts flowing into upper Susitna valley communities, projects are getting the green light to go into the next phase.The Trapper Creek community council voted on spending part of their state revenue share money on signs that let motorists know that they are entering or leaving the Trapper Creek area.

Trapper Creek is currently asking its residents to participate in a design contest for signs to be put up at the south and north of Trapper Creek along the Parks Highway.

Trapper Creek Community council president Virginia Dalton-Pollo said that the artwork is meant for an eight-foot by four-foot sign. Trapper Creek residents participating in the contest should submit their entries by March 5 to Jenny Earles at the Trapper Creek library.

A council committee will then select four finalists and they will be announced at the Cabin Fever Reliever event on March 12. Trapper Creek residents can then vote on the final design.


Contest rules:

Submit design on paper with dimension of a 2 to 1 ratio, the longer side used horizontally. Example; 10” x 5” or 16” x 8”.
·     Any medium can be used (colored pencils, paint, pastels etc). Clear lines are important.
·        Suggested fonts (type of lettering) to go with your artwork will be considered.
·        Do not sign your work.  When you turn in your artwork, it will be assigned a number to insure the utmost impartiality.
·        You may submit more than one design.
·        Only Trapper Creek residents will be allowed to submit. ( students attending school outside and active military personnel assigned outside will be able to participate) The Community Council reserves the right to evaluate each request individually.
·        Any artwork submitted will become property of the Community Council.
·        The committee appointed by the TCCC Board will choose four finalists to be announced at the Cabin Fever Reliever Event on March 12, 2011.
·        Trapper Creek will then be given the opportunity to vote on one of the four finalists.  Details to be announced.
·        Please submit your entries to  Jenny Earles at the Public Library in Trapper Creek
·        All artwork needs to be submitted by the 5th of March 2011

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