Sunshine Transit starts up full time again

The Sunshine Transit program is ramping back up for spring and starting their full time schedule.

The changes take place next week on Monday (feb. 28).  The first run of the day starts from the Talkeetna Roadhouse out to Cubby’s Marketplace at 7:15 in the morning.  The round-trips take just about an hour and a half. The afternoon schedule will stay exactly the same as it has this winter. The van travels the Spur Road picking up people along the way, making a stop at the Sunshine Clinic and then traveling to Cubby’s with other stops in between if necessary.

Grants received are allowing the system to keep operating.  A new Sprinter-type van is in the works, but it is being manufactured specifically for Sunshine Transit and ordered through Trailercraft in Anchorage.  Therefore, it may not be available until this summer.  Funding was received from the state of Alaska to purchase the van and another grant was received that will pay off the balance of the total vehicle purchase.

Riders who have been hoping for the full time schedule to resume are in luck. New schedules should soon be available at the Talkeetna Roadhouse, the Flying Squirrel, the Sunshine Clinic and Cubby’s.  Other business that would like to post schedules are welcome to call the Sunshine drivers for information.  354-3885

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