Upper Susitna Senior Center has new chair person

Cindy Clark is the new chairperson of the board of directors for the Upper Susitna Senior Center. Prior to her taking the helm, Hermon Thompson served as the board’s president. The board’s officers are Larry Dearman as vice-chairperson, Patricia Grosz is the secretary, Gayle Schumacher serves as treasurer and Rita Sickler is assistant secretary. Other board members are Harold Conrad, Shirley Gosnell, Scott MacDonald and Randall Herring.

Clark said that the theme for the Center this year is “Let’s get active.” The Upper Susitna Senior Center now has gym equipment that is available to use for members at the center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Clark says there is a soccer board table and soon there will be a ping pong table set up.

Clark added that she came up with the idea for the “Let’s get active” theme after she noticed the benefits of becoming more active herself. She said that she got into doing the hula hoop and noticed how energizing it is. There is a five-pound hula hoop at the Senior Center as part of the gym equipment.

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