Trapper Creek to unveil sign designs at Cabin Fever Reliever

The Trapper Creek Community Council opened up an unusual contest to their community through their revenue sharing funds.  A community entrance/welcome  sign is in the works and residents will have a chance to vote on their favorite design this weekend during the Cabin Fever Reliever festival.

Paula Glenka is chairing the committee to look into the cost, and type of sign, that will be posted at the entrance to the community.  Several months ago,  the Community Council decided that one of the things missing from Trapper Creek was a welcome sign as visitors enter the community.

Saturday at 12:30 will be an announcement of the finalists.  A ballot box with forms will be available at the Trapper Creek Community Center until 5:30 p.m. and attendees of the festival can vote on their favorite design.  Voting continues through Thursday the 17th at the Trapper Creek Library during their regularly posted hours.

Glenka says the council meets that Thursday evening and although votes will be counted, she says a firm decision on the exact design, and materials used for the sign may not occur until later.  The purpose of the contest was to collect as many ideas as possible.

Glenka is the newest member on the Trapper Creek Community Council Board of Directors and takes over from Dondi Twigg.

The council is also using revenue sharing funds for the pavilion repairs, a shed that will be located in the community park and improvements to the community cemetery.

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