Wales man attempts world’s 7 summits in 7 months

Occassional Talkeetna resident Vern Tejas holds the world’s seven summit record, but it is now being challenged by a former rugby star from Wales.   A 33-year-old man has put Denali, as well as the North and South Pole, on his list of quests to successfully climb the world’s seven summits in seven months. Tejas owns the record for completing the world’s seven summits in a record 136 days, but that record doesn’t include the 2 poles.

Richard Parks is attempting to raise money for an organization called Marie Curie Cancer Care, by climbing the seven summits – each of the world’s continents highest peaks – as well as trekking to the South Pole and North Pole.

Parks is currently in Indonesia.  Next he will head to the North Pole, then to Mt. Everest and back north to Alaska to climb Denali this summer.  His last planned summit is Mt. Elbrus.

He started his quest in December and needs to finish by the end of June in order to fulfill his goal.  If he is successful, he’ll be the first person to complete all seven summits AND the North and South Pole within a seven month time span.

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