Mat Su Borough holds trail meetings in Talkeetna

Chase residents will have an opportunity to address their questions about parking at the Chase trailhead this coming Saturday at a Borough sponsored meeting in Talkeetna.

Two separate discussions will take place that day: one on parking issues and accommodation of vehicles around the Talkeetna Village Park AND a discussion of proposed trail improvements in the non-motorized, Borough-owned Talkeetna Lakes Park.

The new arsenic plant erased some of the downtown parking that had been used by Chase residents.  The Borough has been working since that time to come up with a plan that can accommodate all residents as well as summer visitors that tend to park behind the Village Park.

Dwayne Adams is a planner with USKH, Incorporated but has been hired by the Borough to lead discussions on Saturday.  He says discussion of the Talkeetna Riverfront Park plan will not be excluded since campsites and parking are part of that plan.  He has invited Railroad personnel to the meeting.

The new trails in Talkeetna Lakes Park have been in the planning for quite some time and this will be the unveiling of the plan for anyone who has not had a chance to see the maps.  There will also be discussion on proposed trails in the future.   Last month, the Borough Assembly approved one hundred thousand dollars in grant money to be allocated to the project to build about five kilometers of ski trail.

Residents can attend one meeting or both on Saturday.  The parking and village park meeting starts at 10 a.m. at the Talkeetna Elementary School. The Ski trail and Talkeetna Lakes Park discussion starts at 2 p.m.

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