Region 2 Music Festival wraps up with mass ensemble concert

This past weekend (April 21-23) Su Valley High School hosted the Region 2 music festival, including 12 schools from as far away as Unalaska and Valdez.  Close to 450 students filled the hallways, the senior Center and the Montana Baptist Church for 3 days.  The event culminated in a 2-hour concert for the public and included mass band and choir and honor choir and band as well as command performances.


click more for the list of Su Valley students involved in the festival

Mass Band – Zachary Check, Reckia Heuton, Mariah Reynolds, Kassandra Hales, Daniel Walker, Christopher Cambell, Kaitlin Daly, Bradley Fredickson, Heidi Holcomb, Sydney Negus

Mass Choir – Shenandoah Lush, Kelsea Armstrong, Amanda Dyjak, Conor Evans, Krystiana Mark, Heidi McKee, Annabel Wingfield, Cyndi Hagen, Ayla Loper, Moey Mularky, Kelsey Olson, Breanna Patterson, Nikolette Bartel, Lvei Basler, Ambelina Cooper, Zena DeLoach, Bernadette Hartley, Alex Dodd, Saber Kidd, Serena Drover, Aleesha Groth, Mark McBride, Benjamin Peterson, Dominique Scruggs, Ariana Smith

Honor Choir – Makayla Kelly, Laura Stahl,Candace Baker, Elijah Hartley, Dustin Knapp, Sid Zinn, Ethan Reinhart

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