School Board to decide on school bond issue

Mat Su Borough voters may be voting on a $232 million bond package for school improvements this fall.

The Mat Su School District’s Board of Directors recently met in a work session to discuss the school bond proposal, which would include life safety measures, construction and facility upgrades.

Proposed projects include life safety features, such as fire alarms, replacing bleachers, pedestrian crosswalks and emergency generators.

The second part of the bond package is two new schools.  One school would be an elementary school in the west part of the lower Valley that would serve Knik Goosebay Road and also  a Junior and Senior High School near Knik Goose Bay.    Additional construction projects would be athletic fields and tracks at the larger lower Valley schools.

The third part of the package includes other upgrades. Facility upgrades would include improvements to energy efficiency, parking lot repairs, locker replacements and fixture replacements.

The Board will be voting May 11th whether to forward the proposal to the Borough Assembly.  The Assembly then decides if they will  place the proposal on the ballot in the fall election

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