Talkeetna council mulls over CIP list and other projects

The Capital Improvement Projects list was high on the Talkeetna Community Council agenda Monday evening.  A good portion of the meeting was spent discussing several potentially large projects in downtown Talkeetna as well as discussion centering around the upcoming meetings on the Talkeetna Lakes Park trails and the Riverfront and Village park area. (May 11th and 12th at the Talkeetna Elementary school)

The list of concerns was long, including the public water source, Parks Highway improvements, airport improvements, the Susitna Dam, gas exploration and more.

Joe Page attended the meeting and said he would be happy to look into the possibility of a public water source at the proposed site of a future NSI and Denali Arts Council joint effort at the edge of downtown Talkeetna.

The council board voted on one single item, which passed unanimously.  Renamary Rauchenstein approached the board with her project idea of beautifying the Talkeetna Village Park with new flower beds, if the council could pay for the flowers.  She is finishing her master gardeners class and is required to perform 40 hours of community service in the way of gardening.  The council unanimously approved her proposal to plant annual flowers in the village park this summer.  She plans on working in conjunction with Birch Creek Ranch to obtain flowers suitable for the park’s environment.  The council board will discuss which pot of money will be used to pay for the project.  The council received a large donation from the Pick Click Give campaign and they also have five hundred dollars unused from a proposal that fell through in the last round of revenue sharing money.

All of the other 2009 revenue share grants have been distributed. The application period is now open for the next round of grants from the Borough.  Applications are at the public library and the Post Office and need to be completed by October 14th.

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