Trapper Creek Community Council elects board of directors

The Trapper Creek Community Council held their annual board of directors elections last week and re-elected incumbents and one new member.

Several directors had been appointed throughout this past year to fill positions left vacant by others who, for various family commitments and other reasons, needed to resign.

The 2010 elections had also been held in April and since the by laws of the council do not dictate at what time of year the elections are held, the Board chair, Virginia Dalton Pollo, said the election would make everything clear and transparent and make sure the community had the board of directors that they wanted.

The election committee consisting of Kay Faerber, Jane Shaw, Allan Ruhter and Jennie Earles met to count and verify ballots on Thursday.  A total of 64 community members voted.  Incumbents Paula Glenka, Rick Leo and Paul Thomas as well as Mike Miller received the most votes out of the 7 candidates.

The candidates will take their board seats at the next Trapper Creek council meeting scheduled for May 19th.

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