Cronies win Miners Day first place trophy

The Miners Day softball tournament last weekend was a success, judging by the amount of spectators and cars parked along the ball field.

A total of nine teams participated in the annual tournament.

The Cronies, sponsored by Sandfish Tackle, won the tournament. Last year, they also took the Glen Cook Memorial tournament first place trophy after being in a second place slump for years.

It was Talkeetna across the board this year, as the Mandingos, sponsored by the Fairview, took second and Cubby’s Brew Crew took third place.

Last year, Ron Garrett had announced his retirement, but he came back to pitch again, taking the Cronies to the top.

The tournament had three straight days of beautiful weather, with record-breaking temperatures Friday.

The Glenn Cook memorial softball tournament continues to be scheduled for sthe second weekend in July.

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