Denali Park road lottery changes announced

The National Park Service has made another change to the application process for the annual fall Denali Park road lottery.  Park Service said last week that it will NOT restrict application to internet as previously announced.  Most people apply on line, but Denali National Park spokeswoman Kris Fister says that public comments have prompted a mail option.  People were worried about giving a credit card online and having limited access to the internet.   Now, for the first time, they will have a phone in option.

The phone option is available beginning this Friday.  The deadline for Denali road lottery applications is midnight June 30th and mailed entries must be received by that time.  Fister says they get about ten thousand applications for the opportunity to drive the park road for one of four days in September.

The application to enter the road lottery costs $10  If chosen, people pay a$25 road lottery permit fee and the usual vehicle entrance fee to the park.

The road lottery will be held September 16th thru the 19th

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