Mat Su Borough making corrections in erroneous 5 Yr. Timber Harvest Schedule

The Mat Su Borough is correcting errors made to a recently posted 5 year Timber Harvest Schedule.

Debbie Broneske, land resource manager with the Mat Su Borough says she is working to correct the errors and will post a new schedule in approximately 30 days.  Following that will be a new public comment period.

She says the posted schedule asking for public comment did not contain timber within operable timber areas.  The revised schedule will contain the operable acres as required by the Natural Resource Management Units Plan.   Broneske says that lots of things will change in the new schedule and she’ll be adding the layer of operable acres and the units therein. She asks that residents interested in the timber harvest schedule see the public notices on the Mat Su Borough website.

Specific details for the proposed timber harvests will be provided in the Sale Implementation Schedule after the Assembly adopts the schedule.  The public then has another opportunity to review the sale implementation prior to offering timber sales.

The Trapper Creek Community Council recently sent public comments on the erroneous schedule.  The Talkeetna Community Council sent a letter supporting Trapper Creeks comments.

According to Broneske, residents can expect a new public notice around mid July with the public comment period ending 30 days after the posting.

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