New AT &T tower to be erected at Lichtenwalner Road

A new cellphone tower planned at the corner of Lichtenwalner Road and the Talkeetna Spur Road may create a gathering at the Talkeetna Elementary School Wednesday evening.

The tower, planned by provider AT &T, if built, will be 120 feet tall and placed in a 30 foot by 30 fenced area.  The tower site is to be accessed by a new driveway. The site is directly across the road from Lichtenwalner Road on the east side of the Spur Road and south of Pow Wow Trail.

The contractor for AT & T is Sheinberg Associates, the same company that constructed the tower close to milepost 2 of the Spur Road.  AT&T says the tower will improve coverage and wireless emergency service.  The tower will be built to provide room for 2 additional cellular carriers.  Zoe Morrison, of Sheinberg Associates, in a letter to residents stated that lights on the tower are not required by FAA but can be required if residents prefer them.

A public meeting is planned for June 8th at the Talkeetna Elementary school starting at 6 pm.

This will be the second AT & T tower along the Spur Road within the year. Some residents feel the tower near milepost 2 is out of compliance but the Boroughs code compliance office has not received any complaints.

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