Trapper Creek Elementary School roof repairs on their way to completion

The Trapper Creek Elementary School roof is finally getting long needed repairs.

The school received funding from the state in last years budget. The Borough advertised for construction this spring.  A contract was awarded to Triple V Construction from Big Lake and work started the end of May.

The $110,000 line item survived the Governors veto pen LAST year.  The Borough waited to receive the money and used $20,000 from another grant in order to have enough to complete the project.

The entire roof will not be replaced but the problem areas should be resolved with a proper transition between the roof line and the roof extension.

Brad Rich does the maintenance at the school and has had to deal with water dripping down walls over the years. He rigged a catchment system, but the Borough maintenance offices estimate about 15 thousand dollars a year has been spent over the past several years on repairs.    Rich says the construction is going well and if the weather cooperates, the project might be done in two weeks.  He says drains have been replaced and one piece of rubber has been laid.

The project won’t be done in time for summer school but will be done before school starts this fall.

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