Cell tower company takes public comment to heart

The public comments concerning the proposed cellphone tower at Lichtenwalner Road and the junction of the Talkeetna Spur Road were taken to heart by tower contractor Sheinberg Associates.

The contractor has announced that the tower will be moved an additional 150 feet away from the roadway to be less visible to traffic along the spur road and to nearby neighbors.

The 120 foot tall tower was originally going to be placed near the roadside along the Spur Road on a lot across from Lichtenwalner Road.  The tower will not have a light unless residents ask for it.

The tower will be placed in a 30 by 30 foot fenced in area.  The contractor, Sheinberg Associates is the same contractor that installed the AT&T tower close to milepost 2 of the Spur Road.

The original tower placement brought in a number of negative comments from close neighbors and a letter from the Talkeetna Community council.

A second comment meeting is planned for Thursday, July 28th at the Talkeetna Elementary School to get more input from residents.

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