Talkeetna area borough parks get less upgrade than originally announced

The Talkeetna Community Council has received the capital list  for work that is scheduled to be completed in three Borough parks in the Talkeetna area.

Originally, James King, the Community Development director at the Mat Su Borough, said that a large sum of money was slated to be spent at Christenson Lake, Talkeetna Lakes and downtown Talkeenta Village Park.  However, that sum is less than half of what he estimated.  Instead of $390,000 dollars, the total line item for the three parks is about $170,000.  Deshka River, Meadow Lakes and Willow also will receive substantial improvements bringing the Borough wide amount to two hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

Each Talkeetna Park will see between $50,000 – $70,000 worth of repairs and upgrades. Signage, kiosks, tables and grills are all part of the plan.

Assembly representative Vern Halter said that each community that is receiving park upgrades can be part of the process.  The amount of money spent on each park will most likely not change, but WHAT it is spent on specifically is negotiable.

For a few years, the Village Park has had difficulties with missing parking barriers.  There is very little signage at Christiansen Lake Park, and there is no signage on the Spur Road indicating there are Borough parks nearby. For years, the Chamber of Commerce has asked for money to build a kiosk and signage at the overlook into Talkeetna as well as other informational kiosks.   The Community Council’s Board of Directors has asked James King to attend the next council meeting and come up for a tour.  They hope the local parks advisory committee will get involved with the issue and help give some direction.  << The parks advisory committee is currently without a chairman and has not met since spring.>>

Although the upgrades are in the Borough’s 2012 budget, Halter said he thought the money would not necessarily all be spent within the coming year. King has said that planning and design will take place this fall and much of the work can be done next summer.

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