Tower measure goes to voters in October

Voters in the Mat Su Borough will have a tower ballot measure on the October 4th ballot.  The Mat Su Borough Assembly was split in their decision to ask the voting public whether the communication towers in the Borough should have a different setback than currently.

The question on the ballot will ask whether the towers shall be setback at least the distance equal to the height of the tower from all property lines and any public right of way.  Assemblyman Warren Keough sponsored the divisive ordinance.  He asked that the residents weigh in on the matter after much discussion took place at the planning commission level on tower setbacks.  He says the current regulations state a 10 foot setback.  There has been an argument that the tower should be setback from the property line the equal distance of the height of the tower.

Assembly members Mark Ewing and Ron Arvin opposed the ballot measure.   They were in the minority though, and the question will go in front of residents in October.

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