Trails grant program gets additional $1 million

An additional one million dollars in federal transportation funds has been provided to the Alaska recreational Trails Grant Program.  The money in the program is used to provide grants to projects such as building and maintaining trails or other trail related work.

The Outdoor Recreational Trails Advisory Board voted unanimously to increase trail project funding cap from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars.

New applicants can apply for projects to the upper limit and those that have already been approved can apply for more funding up to $100,000.  Applications can be for either motorized or non motorized trails.

There is a condition on the application and that is in order to apply, all required permits for the project must be secured.

Trail grant applications must be received by August 15th.

In the past, Curry Ridge Riders and other local groups have been able to take advantage of the grants in order to do trail improvement projects in the Upper Susitna Valley.

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