Trapper Creek Community Council takes action on timber harvest

The Trapper Creek Community Council is continuing their work with revenue sharing grant projects.

However, unlike most other area councils, they face a struggle because instead of having non profit organizations that grants have been distributed to, the council themselves are overseeing some of the projects.

The council meeting Thursday evening got contentious as council board members argued how remaining funds should be spent.  At one point, Borough Assemblyman Vern Halter, stated the council needed to follow the agenda and Roberts Rules of order so the meeting would not become a free-for-all discussion.  He was attending the meeting to give a Borough update to the community and tried to give direction to the council as it appeared to veer off track.  A half an hour or more was spent discussing the pavilion repair project and installation of the stage.  All FY-09 projects need to be complete by the end of this year under the agreement with the Borough.

The council has not received any proposals from any area non profits for the FY-10 revenue sharing grants. It is questionable whether the council will apply for a next round of grant money.

On another agenda item, the council is going to ask the community for input on reducing the speed limit in Trapper Creek to 45 miles per hour.  The council did not vote on the measure but will try and get more input from community members on the proposal.

The Board took a formal vote on sending a letter to the state on the timber harvest schedule. They are requesting the state deem harvest use in the Trapper creek area be primarily for local use and local hire.  Talkeetna council has voted unanimously to support them in that letter.

The council tried teleconferencing the meeting for the first time.  Board member Rick Leo says the Borough provided the teleconference machine when the council asked.  Board members as well as the public can now call in to meetings.

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