DeVilbiss vetos tower vote

Mayor Larry DeVilbiss has overturned a vote by the Borough Assembly to ask voters about cellphone tower setbacks.

The discussion by the Assembly on July 19th was contentious and lengthy.  However, the Assembly voted 5 to 2 in favor of putting a question on the ballot in October, asking residents what they think of requiring specific setbacks for towers. The ordinance would ask voters whether a tower should be required to be as far away from a property line or right of way as it is tall.

Those that voted against the measure say that it over simplified a very complex issue.  Other Assembly members said they should let voters decide.

Warren Keough sponsored the measure.  He said he wanted to see some movement on the towers ordinance that has been in committee discussion for more than a year.

According to Borough spokeswoman, Patty Sullivan, the Assembly can override the veto on August 9th.  If the Assembly overrides the mayor’s veto, the voters will decide on the setbacks on October 4th.

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