Perseid meteor showers to occur over the weekend

An annual meteor shower, the Perseids, may be visible tonight (fri) and Saturday morning if it is clear.

KTNA’s Stardate Susitna host Kathleen Fleming says the Perseids can be relied upon to produce about 20 bright meteors per hour, slightly less when the moon is full.  The showers can be seen be looking straight up at the sky, anytime between midnight and dawn this weekend.  The shooting stars can streak across any quadrant in the sky, Kathleen says.  The full moon will be moving above the southern horizon and Jupiter will be very bright in the east to south east.

The auroral forecast is minimal for the next couple of nights and rises to moderate on Sunday night.

Stardate Susitna will return to the KTNA airwaves after what Kathleen calls “true darkenss” returns in September.

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