Plane collision kills 4 south of Trapper Creek

A mid air plane collision at Amber Lake this weekend killed 4 Anchorage residents.

The 2 planes collided around 2:14 Saturday afternoon at the south end of Oilwell Road south of Trapper Creek.

One plane, owned by Corey Carlson of Anchorage, crashed into the ground and became engulfed in flames after impact.  The other plane, operated by Kevin Earp of Eagle River, was able to return to Anchorage and perform an emergency landing at Ted Stevens International Airport.

Local emergency service personnel and troopers responded to the crash scene at Amber Lake.

4 people perished in the plane crash.  The State Medical examiner is performing autopsies to confirm the identities of Carlson, his wife and 2 children, but the extended family of Carlson has confirmed with other news agencies that the family of 4 were all in the plane when it crashed.

The NTSB is investigating the crash.

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