Residents have another week for Pick Click Give

Alaskans who filed for the 2011 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) have a few more days to make Pick-Click-Give charitable contributions. The PFD Division homepage will accept new contributions to over 400 nonprofit causes through August 31.

The campaign is coordinated through a partnership that includes the PFD Division at the State of Alaska, the Alaska Community Foundation, the Foraker Group and the Rasmuson Foundation.

At the end of the regular PFD filing period, almost twenty thousand Alaskans had pledged over one point five million dollars ($1.5 mill) There are over 400 non profit educational and other organizations listeners can choose for a portion of their PFD.  There are 4 qualified organizations in the Upper Susitna Valley.

The PFD Division homepage – – prominently features an “Add or Change a Charitable Contribution” link. Instructions for making an additional gift are available at

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