Revetment project delayed until Wednesday

The revetment project along the river at the end of Main Street has been delayed until Wednesday.

The area from the end of Main Street to B Street is part of a flood control project that is inspected yearly by the Army Corps of Engineers.

KTNA’s earlier story said brush and trees would be cleared as part compliance with the code of federal regulations on the revetment.  Roberta Sheldon is the lone person that sits on the three-person Talkeetna Flood Control Board and says that only overgrown willow and brush will be removed.  She added that willow roots tend to overtake the riprap and cause damage to the rocks that can be expensive to replace.

In June, the Mat Su Borough Assembly approved $30,000 to be spent on the revetment project as part of Talkeetna’s Flood control project.

Jim Jenson is the Borough project manager for the project and has asked residents to stay clear of the project while brushing is occurring.  He estimates the project should only take a day or two.

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