Revetment work to start along Susitna/Talkeetna riverfront

The Talkeetna Erosion Control Project will see brushing and clearing on August 22nd through the end of the month.

The revetment area, from the end of Second Street to north of B Street, along the riverfront, will be cleared of brush and trees.  The revetment is about sixteen hundred feet long and 25 feet wide.  The Army Corps of Engineers built the levee area in 1979, but say that the area has most likely not been cleared since then.

Last year, the Army Corps came to Talkeetna and inspected the area.  They asked the Borough to comply with the code of federal regulations – CFR – for maintenance and operational requirements on the levee.  The inspection engineer recommended the brush be cleared for future inspection and maintenance to access the area.

At the same time, though, the inspector gave the rock levee thumbs up and stated in the report that stones that were visible appeared to be in good condition and there was no obvious sign of degradation.

The project manager for the Borough, Jim Jenson, says the work on the project begins Monday the 22nd and the area is clearly flagged.  He asks residents to stay clear of the area while crews and a chipper work on clearing brush.

(The Talkeetna Flood Control board is a volunteer board that works with the Borough matters concerning the river and flood control.  There are currently two open seats. Roberta Sheldon is the only person currently seated on the advisory board.)  Click on the Army Corps link above in order to read and view maps and work to be done.

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