Richardson’s ashes to be featured in Ice Road Truckers show

Wayne Richardson, a truck driver who lived in Talkeetna, and passed away last October, will be a star on a History Channel production on Sunday, August 28th.

The story producer of History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers saw an obituary on KTNA that told the story of Richardson’s ashes heading up the Haul Road and contacted KTNA to find friends and family of Richardson.  Ice Road Truckers were united with Richardson’s family and a plot for a future show was hatched.

Russ McGarry, the story end producer that tracked down friends and family, has confirmed that the show, starring Richardson’s remaining ashes, will air the last weekend in August.  The show is named ‘Ice Rogue Trucker, episode 513’.  He was unable to say how long the segment with Richardson is, but the episode takes a look at mortality.

Richardson died October 12th, after a long bout with cancer.  After his death, friends and family abided by his wishes and he was cremated.  A few of his ashes made their journey around Talkeetna in a pub crawl and then, plans were made to have his ashes scattered along the Haul Road or at Prudhoe Bay.

Wayne’s sister, Deb, played a part by getting film crews Wayne’s photographs and says that Wayne might be embarrassed by the attention he’ll receive, but also says that he’d also be honored.

For those that know the show well, the show’s stars, Tony and Lisa, will spread Wayne’s ashes and read part of a letter that asks Carlisle Transportation for permission to carry the ashes northward.  The show airs on the History Channel on Sundays and is produced by Original Productions, the same people that bring the show ‘The Deadlist Catch’ to the television airwaves.

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