Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Elementary see changes in staff

The school year begins next week.  There have been a few changes in teaching positions as both Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Elementary lose teachers.

Carol Wadman, principal at Talkeetna Elementary, reports that an unexpected change has occurred that will bring preschool back to Talkeetna.

Parents wrote pleas to former Superintendent Kenneth Burnley last spring asking for help with the preschool program.  His response was there was a lack of funding, but the end of summer could tell a different tale.  Wadman says when spoke with Superintendent Paramo about the school year recently, a part time position that will act as preschool aid and teacher was agreed upon, so Dori Wallace is back. Wadman credits parents and parent involvement in the process of the rearrangement of funding in order to bring back the preschool program.  She said in the end, it made a difference.

Jessica Piatt , the noon monitor, has moved into a half time teaching position for 2nd grade.

Wendy Liesener of Trapper Creek has been hired to be at Talkeetna 2 days a week and at the library in Trapper Creek part time.

Wadman says Tamra Harrison and Karen Mannix will split reading and math classes. She says Bruce Hamler will not return in his position.  His wife, Tammy, is working in Anchorage and the couple is moving to the city.

Principal Allison Wall in Trapper Creek says Lisa Curtis will teach 3rd through 6th grade at Trapper Creek and confirmed Wendy Liesener will work as Trapper Creek librarian one day a week.

Attendance hours for school have changed in the lower valley, but upper valley class hours remain 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. School starts the 17th.  Kindergarten at both schools starts the 24th.

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