Twenty year old cold case in Wasilla solved through DNA analysis

A twenty year old rape case that occurred in Wasilla has been solved through DNA analysis.

On the afternoon of February 7th, 1991, an eight year old girl was abducted by a stranger at a bus stop on Fairview Loop Road.  The girl was driven a short distance away, taken into a home and sexually assaulted by the adult male who had forced her into his truck.  The girl was then taken to Vine Road and released.

Megan Peters, trooper spokesperson reports that Alaska State Troopers and Mat Su Crime Stoppers invested hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of hours trying to identify and apprehend the suspect.

In 2005, 45 year old Brooks Jackson of Wasilla was convicted on a drug charge when troopers found a marijuana operation in his home.  He was required to submit a DNA sample, which he did in March 2006.  Six days later, he committed suicide in his home.

In September of 2010, the Alaska Scientific Crime Lab reported an exact DNA match to the cold case.   Out of the over 9 million profiles in the Federal DNA database, Brooks’ DNA was eventually matched.

If Brooks had lived, he would have stood trial for the cold case.  The girl, now a 28 year old woman, as well as her husband and parents, were informed of the case development last week. The woman wishes to remain anonymous in the case. (** the reason given for the long delay from 2010 was more investigation done on the case)

Troopers and the Crime Lab wanted to let the public know the crime was solved due to legislation, technology and increased advances in analyzing DNA.

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