Trapper Creek Elementary School update

By Laura Wright–Trapper Creek Elementary has 34 students with five new children in kindergarten. There is a teaching staff of two with Lisa Curtis teaching grades three through six and Allison Wall, the principal, teaching kindergarten, first and second grades.

They’ll be using two new programs for teaching math and reading–Saxon Math and Reading Mastery Signatures. According to Principal Wall these programs work better in multi-aged classrooms.

They have submitted a proposal and budget for the Community Schools program and are waiting to hear about funding. Amy Jurasek will be the program coordinator but Wall said there would be others to help with staffing. Wall said that in a survey conducted last spring it was determined that residents would like to see more activities and classes and be able to use the school more on evenings, early mornings and weekends. Some of the suggestions were yoga, walking in the gym, gun safety, volleyball and basketball for kids. Wall says that the school is a good place for people to get together; especially during the long winter months.

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