How ‘Bout them fights? Duo contest Alaska Fighting Championship

Two local practitioners of Mixed Martial Arts competed in the Alaska Fighting Championships, held Wednesday night at the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage.

Talkeetnan Corey Ambrose, who competed last week in Wasilla as an amateur, was competing in his first professional fight. Ambrose went three rounds with Justin Zellweger. The fight was a close one, and Ambrose lost by a split decision from the two judges..

Jesse Vasquez, also of Talkeetna, fought later in the evening and was pitted against Joe Murphy. In the first of three rounds, Murphy took Vasquez to the ground almost immediately. Murphy was able to put Vasquez into a triangle chokehold, a move that uses the legs to choke the opponent. This move forced Vasquez to tap, signally the end of the match.

Despite his defeat, Vasquez is not giving up easily. He is ready to train again and will be competing this Saturday at a Judo tournament along with twelve other Upper Valley residents.

Story by Laura Wright

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