Library can try for grants, Mat Su Assembley says

The Talkeetna library got the go-ahead to apply for state matching grants to help fund the construction of a new library at the Mat Su Borough regular assembly meeting late last night. Resolution eleven  one-thirty-two authorizes the Talkeetna Library to apply for construction and expansion program to cover a portion of the projected five point eight million dollar project. If the grant is accepted, the library will still need to come up with one point eight million dollars. The resolution was passed after some discussion, in which Assembly-member Cindy Bettine voiced concerns that the remaining one point eight million dollars should not come from area-wide funds. The resolution passed unanimously with five votes.

The Assembly also accepted seven-hundred, fifty-thousand dollars to install a Wood Boiler system at Su Valley Junior-Senior high. Ordinance eleven one-thirty-nine passed by unanimous vote, and appropriates the grant from the Alaska State Energy Authority. Several assembly-members stated their pleasure at being in presence to vote for the ordinance, and attributed credit to the long-running local effort to implement the wood boiler system for the school.

The assembly also passed a resolution supporting resource development in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge’s  Coastal Plain area by a vote of four to one.

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