Su Valley Voice-10-12-2011-Domestic violence

Cici Schoenberger, Behavioral Health Provider at Sunshine Community Health Center, Janice Stormer, Court Advocate for Alaska Family Services, and Ashley Peltier, Children’s Outreach Advocate for Alaska Family Services, join host Charlie Loeb for a studio discussion about domestic violence. They talk about the definition of domestic abuse / violence, who it affects, who is likely to become a victim or abuser, the behavior of the abused and the abuser, eighteen warning signs of abuse, how to help someone you believe is in an abusive relationship, some of the difficulties that might arise when the court system is involved. The program is almost an hour.

Local services available: Upper Susitna Support Services: through Sunshine Community Health Center: 733-2273, a range of information, services, and funds for survivors. Alaska Family Services: 24 hour helpline: 907-746-4080 and a range of services.

[audio:|titles=DomAbuse1] [audio:|titles=DomAbuse2]

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