Talking about chimney fires

The fire department responded to a chimney fire in Downtown Talkeetna Last night, but the homeowner had been able to smother the flames using a fire extinguisher by the time help arrived. Thermal imaging cameras showed the walls and stovepipe were cool, and there was no damage to the structure.

Fire Chief Ken Farina says that chimney fires are not the most common cause of house fires in District 4, and that infernos are just as apt to be ignited by electrical fires or carelessness. The risks of chimney fires can be reduced by burning dry, seasoned wood and keeping chimneys clean with regular brushing. Should you find yourself facing a chimney fire, Farina says steam can sometimes extinguish flames.

The Fire Department is always looking for people willing to become involved in Emergency Services. The on-call jobs offer free training, and responders are paid for their time while responding to an emergency. Anyone looking to get involved can call the fire station at 733-2443.

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