Final day of racing for 2011 at Montana Creek

The final day of racing for the Montana Creek Dog Musher’s Association Points Series was on Saturday, and warm temperatures and good trail conditions meant faster times for most competitors.

Mari Wood

Mari Wood's 8-dog team finishes with the fastest time on the final day of racing in the MCDMA Points Series. Photo courtesy MCDMA

Amy Maclean to took her third victory in a row and the overall points championship in the four-dog class. Rebecca Knight posted the fastest overall time for skijoring. Egil Ellis took his first victory of the season in the Open class, beating Daryl Hollingsworth with a time of 43:37. Egil led the way with 16 dogs whereas all others in the Open Class tackled the trail with 12 dogs


The Montana Creek Dog Musher’s Association will host a two-day championship event in January.


4dog – 4miles 1) Amy Maclean, 14:16, 2)Skipper Stitt, 14:20, 3)Dori Hollingsworth 14:56 4)Kathy Faryinarz 15:27 Skijor – 2dog – 4miles 1)Kim Wells, 16:42, 2)Kathy Faryinarz, 17:45, 3)Teresa Hollingsworth, 30:21 Skijor – 1dog – 4miles 1)Rebecca Knight, 15:40, 2)Lulie Williams 19:02, 3)Lorien Nettleton, 25:34 6dog – 6miles 1)Kim Wells, 17:22, 2)Skipper Stitt, 17:58, 3)Karoush Partow, 18:48 8dog – 8miles 1)Mari Wood, 26:25, 2)Kris Rasey, 26:52, 3)John Wood, 33:01, 4)Dave Tresino,38:33 Open Class 1)Egil Ellis, 43:37, 2)Daryl Hollingsworth 44:07, 3)Mari Wood, 54:09, 4)Steve Geiger, 66:15

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