South Side of Denali Park and Preserve Additions open to Snowmachines

The Superintendent of Denali National Park and Preserve has determined that there is adequate snow cover for the use of snowmachines for traditional activities in areas of the 1980 park additions that are south of the crest of the Alaska Range.

All areas of the 1980 park additions north of the crest of the Alaska Range remain closed to snowmobile use for traditional activities due to inadequate snow cover.

Riders are reminded that all lands within the former Mount McKinley

National Park on both the north and the south sides of the Alaska Range are closed to all snowmobile use by federal regulation. Maps with GPS coordinates for the park and preserve boundary are available on the park website

Overall, riding conditions are variable. It is the rider’s responsibility to avoid locations where damage to vegetation or soils could occur, or where vegetation is taller than the protective snow cover.


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