Revenue Share awards announced

The Talkeetna Community Council has announced the recipients of revenue sharing grants. Eleven projects were proposed to make use of the $22,000 dollars in revenue sharing grants, and one project ultimately pulled out before the Revenue Sharing Commity could revue it.

Of the remaining ten applications proposed, six were ultimately funded. The Talkeetna Library will receive $3,000 to replace their tables. KTNA community Radio will receive $1,000 for computer equipment and software. The Food bank will receive $5,000 for operating costs and to reimburse volunteer drivers for the gas they use on regular trips to Palmer for food and supplies. The Youth Conservation Corps will receive $3,200 for downtown cleanup and landscaping improvements, and to promote the visibility of the youth labor. Sunshine Transit will receive $5,000 for operating expenses, and Meals on Wheels will receive $3,000 for operating expenses.

The council still needs to submit paperwork to the borough before checks can be cut. Recipients of Revenue Sharing funds have the full calendar year to make use of their awarded funds.

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