Storynory & Mory – Becoming a Frog

Silly stories on Storynory & Mory this week, plus an opportunity for you to contribute. First, the stories:

In honor of Prince Bertie the Frog, we told frog riddles, and we would like to gather some more. Please send us your favorite riddle involving a frog, and we will read the best ones on the air during next week’s Storynory & Mory. To submit a riddle, just send an e-mail to storynory[at]ktna[dot]org, post a comment on this post, or drop the riddle by the station on 2nd Street. Here are the one we posed during this week’s show:


Why are frogs always happy? Because they eat whatever bugs them.

What happens when two frogs catch the same fly? They get tongue-tied.

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