Susitna Council wants to know who is responsible for Snow Berm removal *UPDATE*

The Susitna Community council has asked a representative from the borough to appear at the next Council meeting to participate in a discussion about snow berms in residential areas. The matter came up when *Terrence Shannigan explained that he has pursued the matter at every level for a number of years and has not been able to find someone to take responsibility for the berms that frequently obstruct the driveways of the Susitna council area. Borough road maintenance regulations state that snow berms taller than one foot high must be removed by the plows. Much of the Northern valley is plowed by contractors to the state, and Shannigan says they rarely remove berms from driveways. During a recent storm, he says he had to remove a berm that stood chest-high in order to report for work.

Susitna Community Council meetings take place on the First Thursday of every month.

*UPDATE* Shannigan addressed the Council as a concerned citizen, and at no time claimed to represent the Alaska State Troopers.

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