Thousands of pet deaths caused by antifreeze in pet food

After a Talkeetna Resident lost her cat over the holidays, she asked veterinarians what might’ve ended her kitty’s life. The answer was poisoning, but the cat came into contact with it through an unusual way. It was in her pet food.

Budget-minded pet food with a semi-moist consistency frequently uses Propylene glycol as a food preservative. Propylene glycol is also known for its automotive uses under another name: antifreeze.

A high-profile class-action lawsuit made national headlines last year when 24-thousand people sued Menu Foods for distributing tainted pet food from China. Menu Foods is an umbrella organization that owns as many as 150 different brands, many of them are major-brands.

Antifreeze poisoning in pets results in kidney failure, and symptoms include excessive water intake, finicky eating habits and weight-loss. The dismayed pet owner contacted KTNA to remind pet owners that reading the labels on dog or cat food can help save their pets lives.



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