MEA’s Chief hosts Energy Q&A in Talkeetna

Matanuska Electric General Manager, Joe Griffith will be in Talkeetna Tonight for a talk about energy in the Matanusta Susitna Valley.

Griffith says he plans to use about two hours to give residents an overview of the energy system and raise public awareness about energy issues.


Griffiths has been involved in energy in the railbelt for 28 years, and plans to address questions covering all kinds of topics, including power outages, a powerline extension from Petersville Road to the Chulitina river. He says the Susitna Watana dam could even make an appearance in the conversation.

He says he hopes people will come with questions, and says doesn’t plan on standing around and lecturing.


No stranger to Talkeetna, Griffith makes regular trips to town on other business – he donated the first plane to the Build-a-Plane project, and regularly works with kids on aviation mechanics.

The Update on the Railbelt Energy Picture will start at Six O’clock tonight at the Northern Susitna Institute Building in Talkeetna.

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