Revenue Share Recipients selected in Trapper Creek

The Trapper Creek Community Council has approved seven projects to receive Community Revenue Share funds. In a somewhat unique approach, the Council asked the residents of Trapper Creek to vote on the projects and give priority to the eleven projects proposed.  Of the 11 projects offered, the seven projects selected for funding received the greatest support from the community, and will be fully funded. The anticipated turn-around time from the Borough for approval is expected to be 2 weeks and another 4 to 6 weeks until the checks land, meaning cash should be in hand by the time breakup is over. 

Among the seven projects approved to receive funding are upgrades to the Trapper Creek Community Building and additional playground equipment for the Trapper Creek Park; funds to support the Trapper Creek Free Room; an upgrade to the Community Garden, and the Trapper Creek Community Council will receive funding for operational expenses. The Youth Conservation Corps Program will receive funding for maintenance for their Trapper Creek Facility, and the Trapper Creek School will receive funds to put towards the purchase of a defibrillator.

Proposals from Sunshine Transit, Trapper Creek Ski Club, Laptop Learning for Big and Little Hands, and KTNA Talkeetna Community Radio were not funded.

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