Storynory & Mory – The Witch Who Lost Her Spells

The young witch Katie has lost her spellbook – or rather, it was stolen! Can you guess who did it (without looking ahead on the Storynory website)? Write us and let us know at our local KTNA Storynory & Mory e-mail address, [email protected]. Also, we posed a challenge: if you could do magic, what mischief would you cause at school? Let us know before next week and we will read your submission on the air, anonymously if you wish. Need inspiration? Listen to the story at this link:

The Witch Who Lost Her Spells

We will play Part II of this story next week, along with Part III of the Lunchbag Lizard saga. These songs are by Ronno from a series of fun children’s albums he produced under the Kimbo label. Listen in next week for both conclusions.

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