Sunshine Transit Celebrates 3 Years, Adjusts Service.


Sunshine transit has adjusted its morning shuttle schedule, According to Transit Manager Sue Deyoe. Starting on March 19th the first run of the day will now be an express that leaves the Roadhouse at 7:30 am direct to the clinic, with flexibility for other destinations should a rider need them. The schedule is expected to return to regular service during the summer months.

Ticket prices will be going up to compensate for the price of gas, Deyoe says. An eleven-punch ticket will cost three dollars more at $15 dollars.

In Three years Sunshine Transit has given 10-thousand, 600 rides, averaging 300 to 400 rides per month. Deyoe says January’s ride totals were above average at 450 rides given during that month.

The transportation service continues to look for ways to expand its reach, and will be having a party on Friday at the roadhouse to celebrate its third anniversary with cake and refreshments.

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