Village Park makeover scheduled for summer 2012

The Talkeetna Village Park is scheduled for a makeover this summer, when the Borough will fund a handful of park improvements. The Talkeeetna Park Committee worked with a broad group of residents to arrive at a list of recommended upgrades to the Park in the center of Downtown Talkeetna after the Borough revealed it had 70-thousand dollars slated to improve the park with amenities like new picnic tables, grills for cookouts, a new lawn, and a replacement for the aging bandshell structure.  The Talkeetna Community Council approved the Park Committee’s recommendations at it’s April Meeting on Monday night.

Included in the borough’s proposed park enhancements was a replacement for two aging wooden outhouses. A proposed replacement was a single-seat brick vault toilet similar to the one located at the campground at the end of main street. The Parks committee felt that a single vault toilet would not go far enough to relieving the town’s summer-time toilet needs, and will ask the Borough to instead construct a larger, plumbed facility with 6 stalls. There is no guarantee on when or if a larger modern facility would be built, but there is broad consensus that summer time visitation overwhelms all current restroom capacities in Talkeetna. In the mean-time, a temporary trailer with 7 stalls will be in downtown this summer. The trailer – provided by the borough – would be located at a yet-to-be-determined downtown where it would absorb the most amount of traffic.

The park will gain a new bandstand that will be moved north of the current bandstand’s location. The park will have a new entry-way featuring an informational kiosk with maps, new steel barriers to replace aging log ones that are routinely dinged by wintertime snow removal, new tree plantings, and a storage shed for tools that will go behind the new bandstand.

A new lawn will be installed this summer, and the Youth Conservation Corps has received funding from the Talkeetna Community Council to maintain the lawn and seasonally planted flowers. The Upper Susitna Soil and Water Conservation District will do a nutrient study to determine what would improve the dirt in the park to help the grass thrive. Those studies are funded by an NRCS will be conducted once the snow clears later this spring.

The upgrades are the final park of a grant from the Borough department of Parks and Rec which were slated for three Talketna parks. Improvements have already been made to Talkeetna Lakes park and Christiansen Lake Park. The Village park improvements have been postponed until now, when a broader consensus from residents could be collected.

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