Hydrants to be flushed

Talkeetna Water and Sewer Utility Maintenance Manager Mike Kilgo says he plans on flushing the hydrants in Talkeetna this week to get them ready for the summer season.

The approximately 40 hydrants in town have been shut off and bagged for the winter. Last fall, Kilgo flushed the hydrants before shutting them down, which resulted in a discoloration of residential water. He says some people might notice a discoloration of the water again this spring, but he expects it will be less noticiable this time, because there are no records of the hydrants being flushed prior to last fall, and the build-up could have been related.

Kilgo says he will start flushing the hydrants at night on Thursday or Friday this week, and he expects it could take as many as two days to flush out the hydrants.

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