StarDate Susitna 5-13-2012

In this edition of StarDate Susitna Kathleen Fleming discusses the recent “Super Moon” and how it connects to the up-coming Solar Eclipse.  A partial eclipse will be visible from Alaska (weather permitting) on May 20th, and a rare Transit of Venus can be seen start to finish from AK on June 5th, depending on cloud cover.  Now that true darkness is gone for the summer, it’s nice to have daytime astronomical events to anticipate.

Kathleen has compiled some print information about the Eclipse and the Transit (intended to accompany Eclipse Shades).  For observers in Alaska click here here.  For observers in the Lower 48, click here.  There you will find maps and websites for more details.

Audio is about about twelve and a half minutes. Correction to audio: The moon’s distance and therefore apparent size difference between perigee and apogee is approximately 13%, not 13 degrees.

[audio:|titles=sds 05-13-12]

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