Heard on Main Street: Talkeetna Talks about a Bridge

Earlier this week, KTNA reported on one man’s vision of linking the communities of Trapper Creek and Talkeetna by a Suspension Bridge. Paul Thomas had approached the Mat Su Borrough with his idea. The plan calls for using inmate labor to construct tall stone piles from which a suspension bridge would support a road from Main Street Talkeetna to Susitna Road in Trapper Creek.

Lorien Nettleton took a walk down mainstreet Talkeetna to see what people thought of the idea.


It seems likely that the vision of a bridge over the Susitna from Talkeetna may never be more than a dream. In 1998 The Borough adopted the most recent Talkeetna Comprehensive Plan, which outlines goals for land use and community development. In order to meet the goal of maintaining the community’s small town atmosphere, sense of community and high quality of life, the Plan says that Talkeetna will continue to be an “end of the road” town, with no bridges across the rivers.

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