Man attempts break-in at Swiss Alaskan Inn, breaks windows before fleeing

Alaska State Troopers responded to reports of an individual attempting to break in to the Swiss -Alaska Inn early on Thursday Morning.

Calls at 1:15 am described an individual had broken a number of windows to the lodge, and after failing to gain access to the main area proceeded to beat on doors and shout for people to open up.

One of the boarders left her room through the window to alert the Swiss’s owners, Renamary and Vern Rauchenstein, who returned to the Inn to find the culprit had fled, leaving broken glass and blood in his wake.

The Rauchensteins reported that nothing was stolen, but several thousand dollars of damage were inflicted to the windows, one of which was a large 6-foot window.

This is the first incident the Swiss-Alaskan has experienced in 35 years, the Rauchenstein said.

Investigation is ongoing. The Troopers ask that people be advised the perpetrator likely has fresh injuries on his hands and arms.

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