Storynory & Mory – Paris Meets Helen

Nova joined Tevi in the studio this week for two great tales. One tale was “great” because Theo the Monkey decided to act on his ideals (monkeys have ideals?) and take on Mr. Grabber’s thievery. The other is “great” because it is one of the world’s greatest tales – the story of the love between Paris and Helen that led to the Trojan war. The next two weeks will have follow-ups to Paris and Helen as we cover the rest of the Iliad in two episodes, finishing with the famous wooden horse. These stories are packaged for older-elementary age children, although they do contain unavoidable tales of war. They are extremely useful for introducing names and events that kids will hear about all their lives even though our classical education is generally neglected these days – Achilles, Odysseus, the Trojan horse, the Greek gods and goddesses, and the like. We will lead each show with something for younger kids if you would rather tune out the war stories. Here are the links to this week’s stories:

The Vigilante Monkey

Helen of Troy

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